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Our Corporate Challenges are proven to activate all employees in a fun and engaging way. We provide digital admin tools and invitation materials to get you started quickly and without effort.

paceUP Corporatte Challenge

gamify your activity challenge!

paceUP! is a mobile training- and recreational racing application. Real-life achievements are collected and visualized in a fun and user friendly way, using game mechanics and experience design.

All participants are assigned to a group which competes with other groups from your company. paceUP! points are awarded to participants for all types of physical activity and contribute to the group average. The Leaderboard is always up-to-date and provides the current standing in your own Company League.

Users can log any type of physical activity and through our unique points system they can compare their progress against themselves and others. Walking, running, biking to work, or working out on the gym – everything counts!

Training is easily logged through any smartphone with GPS during an activity or manually after the session. Leaderboards, push notifications, comments and likes are used to activate and motivate the participants throughout the challenge.

The concept works exceptionally well in a corporate setting where companies can activate their employees in a fun and user friendly way.


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our Corporate activity Challenge

Create one or multiple closed groups with your company branding where your employees log their activities and compete. You can set up individual challenges or work collectively to reach a total points target.

The ranking and placing are based on paceUP!’s unique effort points where any type of activity can be tracked and loged. The paceUP! points can the be directly translated to rewards, prices or donations.

The modern, interactive, real-time app supports the activity challenge with functionality such as ‘comments & likes’ and push notifications. The result is a platform for social interaction and togetherness, where employees are kept motivated and active throughout the activity challenge.

A web-based admin interface is provided to manage the funcationality and follow-up results. The length of the challenge is flexible anddecided by the customer.

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why you should run a corporate challenge?

Happier and healthier employees – bring healthier life and better performance to your entire organization
Use the strength of peer support and social campaigns – share activities and achievements, big and small, and cheering for your friends makes wellbeing fun and social
Joint campaigns are a proven way to activate employees and to encourage social interaction

our offer

We offer:

  • Best-in-class mobile training application
  • Supported presentation and kick-off on site
  • Invitations and onboarding
  • Easy to use Admin Web
  • Ongoing support
  • Prizes
  • Attractive cooperation agreements with Garmin and Marathongruppen


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How is paceuP! different?

Sport/Activity independent

Compare your effort between different sports and activities. If you like running – you can still compare and compete with your family or friends that are into biking, tennis, attending gym classes, or any other activity

Device independent

Regardless of how you log your activity – with your Garmin device, with GPS and the app on your smartphone, or manually in the app – you can always compare and compete with others!

Unique points system

our unique point system enables not only comparisons across sports and activities, but also provides a fair handicap system so your effort can be compared to anyone else on a level playing field

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