Personal Training

Personal training

As part of the Corporate Challenge, you can add PT Small Group (4-8 people) or group training (more than 8 people). Get happier and healthier employees through group training that starts right from your workplace!

Outdoor training with fun and challenging strength exercises that you do together as a team. You can also choose to focus on running and running technique. No matter what the focus is, the training is on a level that all employees can participate at and get a great workout.

Our Personal Trainer and Running Coach Natalie Persson ensures that you get started with your Corporate Challenge in a fun way together. You can read more about our PT here.

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PT-hour: 695 SEK (5 occasions SEK 650/h, 10 occasions: SEK 595/h)
PT DUO: 400 SEK/person
PT Small Group (4-8 persons): 300 SEK/person
Personalized Training Program: Personalized training program adapted to you, your goals and from where you are today.
Corporate Challenge Training: A tailor-made training plan for the company. The training is adapted for all levels with a focus on teamwork and healthy routines.

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