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Welcome to the first AZ Youth Funbeat Challenge!
The challenge will take place during February and every form of activity or exercise that you perform during this period will earn you points. By the end of the month the person with the most points will be

Game on Pokémon!

Humble and hustle! 🙂

Apologies for being late with summarising the first week, but here it is!

Markus has set the standard with a stunning 530 points during the first week.
In second place we have Inken with 60 points earned by biking to work.

Good job guys! Since its onl

Another week has passed and here is an update on the current standings;

Markus still holds a strong lead with 910 points. Well done!
Inken has earned a total of 435 points and is our runner up.

Everyone else stay steady at 0 points and need to get a mov

This week, cycling will get you extra points!

A summary of the score will come later this week since Im currently on holiday!


Current score,

Markus - 3260 points
Inken - 825 points

Were coming up on the last week of the month so just keep up the good work. 🙂

Hi everyone!
March is here and we have reached the end of the competition! If you still have activities that you havent registered but that you want included in your score, please go ahead and make sure everything is registered by the end of this week.



All points have been summarized and we have a clear winner! Markus completely smashed all competition and walks away with the victory this time. As previously mentioned, this of course entitles him to bask in eternal glory