11 October 2019

Quickly, go get a cup of coffee – it is time for the monthly read from paceUP!

10 000 paceUP!-users! Whoop whoop!

paceUP! is growing & we are now 10 000 users! Make sure that your friends, colleagues and family don’t miss out! Challenge them to join your unique group, that you can create in your profile.

Get ready to the autumn gym sessions

As a paceUP!-member you will now get a 15% discount on all products from Better Bodies! Click here and make your wardrobe ready for the fall season at the gym.
Code: Paceup15

FunBeat migration to paceUP!

Many users have migrated their training history from FunBeat to paceUP! in September. Due to almost 2 million new activities the app has been a bit slow, but we have made improvements to fix it now. So be patient, all your training history will be migrated within week. If not, contact us:

paceUP! Tip:

Corporate Challenge: 50% discount for companies that want to kick-start 2020 with a Corporate Health Challenge for their employees. If your tip leads to a new Corporate Challenge you will be rewarded with a Garmin Forerunner!

Simply send the contact details to who you think we should contact to or give us a call on 073 96 99 500.

The winner of the season!

Mathias Johansson won the top 100!
We have also drawn 2 winners from other leagues:

  • Thomas Foughman from Platinum League
  • Rebecka Heinrup from Diamond League

They will get a paceUP! branded T-shirt, water bottle and 75% discount on the Corporate Challenge!

A new season is ON and will last until the end of 2019. Make sure to log your workouts so you can keep up with your paceUP!-friends and also have a chance to win nice prizes!

We always value your input! If you have any questions or comments about  paceUP! please do not hesitate to contact us on Facebook, Instagram or through e-mail on


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