11 November 2019

Quickly, go get a cup of coffee – it is time for the monthly read from paceUP!

We have launched the paceUP!-app in Swedish!

Now we finally have the paceUP! App available in Swedish for Android! Simply change your phone language setting to Swedish if you want to change the language. We are planning to launch the app in more languages next year, and a launch in Swedish for iPhone is around the corner!

paceUP! Tip:

Challenge of the week: Race the train! Did our Running Coach Natta manage to run faster than the train?!? Find out in our latest video here!.

Leaderboard Top 100

We are in the middle of the last season 2019 and we have many new top 100 users! You don’t need to be an elite athlete to be in the top, having great routines can also take you there! Walking your dog every day, bike or run to work are both examples of how you can make it to the top!

The winner of #EliudSub2 Challenge

To celebrate that Eliud Kipchoge became the first man to run a marathon under 2 hours (1:59:40) we had a competition in October. The challenge was to run or bike the unofficial world record time and see how far you could come. The person that got the most paceUP!-points for the challenge was Joakim Oderud! He won paceUP! branded sportswear from Craft.
Make sure that you are following us on Facebook & Instagram to join our fun challenges!

paceUP! Tip:

Corporate Challenge: 50% discount for companies that want to kick-start 2020 with a Corporate Health Challenge for their employees. If your tip leads to a new Corporate Challenge you will be rewarded with a Garmin Forerunner!

Boost your Winter training sessions with BLOCKHEAD Energy and Vitamin Chewing Gums!

BLOCKHEAD Energy Gum – Focus your body and your mind with BLOCKHEAD Energy Gum. Each piece delivers an espresso’s worth of caffeine that will get you going in just 5 minutes, without any sugar or calories. BOOM.

BLOCKHEAD Vitamin Gum – Help your body maintain its focus by combating vitamin deficiencies. BLOCKHEAD Vitamin Gum delivers 100% RDA of vitamin D, C, B6 & A in just 2 pieces.

As a paceUP!-member you will now receive a 20% discount on all products from BLOCKHEAD Sweden! Click here and enhance your training sessions with a caffeine kick and vitamin boost.

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