paceUP! Newsletter #3 – July 2019


24 July 2019


We have launched MyPages!

Quickly, go get a cup of coffee – it is time for the monthly read from paceUP!

We are proud to announce the launch of ‘MyPages’ – a graphical summary of all of your training activities logged on paceUP!. Log in to ‘MyPages’ using your paceUP! username and password here.

paceUP! Tip:

Tip: If you have forgotten your paceUP! password you can easily re-set it from the login page in the app. Simply push the ‘Forgot password?’ link and follow the instructions.

paceUP! ‘My Pages’

There are three different page views available when you have logged in to ‘MyPages’
paceUP! Member Activities
ACTIVITIES – This page shows a summary of your paceUP! season and in addition a calendar with all of your logged paceUP! activities. You can click on a particular day in the calendar to see a summary of the activities logged that day, and you can click on a particular activity to view activity details.

paceUP! Tip:

The calendar will show the current month by default, but you can easily change to another month by clicking on the arrow buttons in the calendar heading.

STATISTICS – The STATISTICS page shows the same summary of your paceUP! season, but also detailed statistics of all activities you have logged. You can view the data in a table with Points, Activities, Distance, Duration and Calories; by week, month and year.

If you want to view a particular type of activity you can change that from the ‘Activity Type’ drop down menu at the top of the tables.

Further down on the page you will find a graphical summary of the activities by Season, Month, Week or Day. These graphs also change as you change the ‘Activity Type’ drop down menu at the top of the tables. You can also change the time period by pushing the arrow buttons at the top of the graph section of the page.

paceUP! Tip:

All graphs will show the underlying data when you move the cursor over the graph segments.

MY POSTS – The MY POSTS page show all of your paceUP! blog posts. If you do not have any blog posts the page will be empty, and you have the option of adding a new blog.

paceUP! Tip:

If you are a Funbeat blogger you can easily add your Funbeat posts to paceUP! Push the ‘Import Your Funbeat Posts’ button to get the process started.

paceUP! Summer Competition

Join the Summer Love Competition and make sure to log all your activities to have a chance to win:

  • A Garmin GPS watch
  • Race bibs to Stockholm Halvmarathon
  • paceUP! branded sports apparel from craft

To join the competition you need to do following:

  1. Download paceUP! and create an account
  2. Register your email through this link: Invitation to Summer Love Competition
  3. Log every training session in the app (automatically with Garmin, through the GPS on your smartphone or manually)
We always value your input! If you have any questions or comments about paceUP! please do not hesitate to contact us on Facebook, Instagram or through e-mail on .

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